Suma Grapefruit & Aloe Vera Soap 90g

Suma Grapefruit & Aloe Vera Soap 90g

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Made in the UK

Our traditional glycerine soaps have the finest qualities for cleansing and moisturising. We supply four fresh-smelling fragrances, all of which are suitable for vegans. Grapefruit provides this soap with a refreshing and uplifting fragrance, whilst aloe soothes and cleanses your skin. The glycerine is obtained from vegetable sources, so it's totally biodegrable. And great value too - a little goes a long way!

This product is certified cruelty-free and vegan.

No artificial colour,fragrance


Product information

Aqua, vegetable glycerin, sodium laureth sulfate, propelene glycol, sodium stearate, sucrose, sodium cocoate, sodium xylene sulfonate, stearic acid, grapefruit essential oil (citrus grandis oil), aloe vera (aloe barbaris).